Our product is a rainproof ceiling on the underside of your deck where you and family, guests or pets can sit or play outdoors under the deck, rain or shine, and where your under-deck patio furnishings will stay clean. You have 28 color choices. The photo gallery on this website well shows what the ceiling panels, trim work, guttering and accessories look like (but I’ll show you the actual work in person if you like.) The ceiling panels are aluminum so of course never rust. .027” is the thickness or the “gauge” of the 11 inch-wide aluminum panels that we form and custom cut to length in our shop. The panels are formed in such a way as to have a tongue-and-groove look that disguises the seams between the panels. Our expertise and experience with waterproofing and sealing around the ceiling edges, posts, fans, lights, etc. is such that we give a leak-free warranty for the lifetime of the deck joists. Get in contact with us today for an under deck ceiling system in Kansas City, MO.

Your ceiling will be installed by the most experienced, by far, under deck ceiling specialists in the region.

I invite you to look at any under-deck ceiling done by anyone else and then at one of mine, and you will see the following differences:

  • For the gutter that catches and diverts the water from the ceiling panels, I custom make a low-profile gutter that looks more like a trim piece than it does a gutter. I DO NOT stick a tacky-looking piece of regular rain gutter under any of my beautiful ceilings.
  • Roughly half of the ceilings I install actually have the panels draining TOWARDS the house and the catch gutter for the panels running along the house wall. I pioneered this alternate design for the simple reason that it allows me to tie the catch gutter into an already existing house downspout instead of having to add a downspout to one of the outside deck posts. Many homes do have a downspout coming down a house wall at one side of their deck, sometimes both sides, sometimes halfway between the sides of the deck.
  • The final overall look of an under-deck ceiling has much to do with the trim work — around the sides of the ceiling, around stairs, around beams, etc. No one in the KC Metro area has the art of trimming out an under-deck ceiling pushed to the level of my work.
  • Perhaps the biggest difference you will see, although you’ll only see it when it’s raining, is MY CEILINGS DON’T LEAK. You would think this would be a given for any under-deck ceiling, but the sad stories I’ve heard from both homeowners and contractors are legion.

Other than the above, my ceiling installations often include ceiling fans and/or LED ceiling lights. And still to this day I regularly have homeowners ask me to do some little thing a certain way, and I always figure out a way to do it the way the homeowner wants it done. You wouldn’t believe the number of innovations and improvements I’ve put into my work from such homeowners!

“Al has great attention to detail and obviously takes much pride in his work. His work is very high quality and, you can easily tell that he knows what he’s doing. As far as I know, he’s the only exclusive installer of under deck systems in the KC region, meaning he’s not a deck builder dabbling in the “under deck system” trade. Our foreman, who’s installed several other types of under deck systems for over ten years, even said he was very impressed how well the deck looked after Al was done. Al is one of the most professional and organized contractors I’ve ever worked with in my twenty plus years working in the deck industry. I would highly recommend him and have no problem putting my company’s name behind his!”

- Daniel Milford, DW Elite Decks