When I first heard of an “under-deck guttering system” or “under-deck ceiling” (same thing) it seemed like a really sensible idea. In fact, it seemed so sensible and logical — enjoy your outdoor space even when it’s rainy, keep the nasty drip-through from the overhead deck boards off of your patio furnishings, hide the mold, algae and dirt that accumulates overhead on your deck substructure — I assumed it was a common item among homeowners. Not so, it turned out. The nearest company installing under-deck ceilings was over 200 miles from Kansas City. Even today, I’m the only full-time under-deck ceiling installer in the KC Metro area and the next closest is still over 200 miles away. So my only real challenge is to get the word out that “if you want a really beautiful, perfect-looking under-deck ceiling, there’s someone available locally who can totally fix you up!”

I’ve personally installed over 50 under-deck ceilings, probably 5 times more than any other individual here in the KC area. I’ve come up with one innovation and improvement after another, some easily seen on our website gallery. I’m confident that my trim and finishing work, and my overall finished product, is the best among under-deck ceilings that you will see anywhere in the U.S., and I’m happy to arrange for you to look at as many of my ceilings in person as you wish so that you can really get the idea of what your ceiling will look like over your own under-deck patio area.

I look forward to helping you get what you want, beyond your expectations, and at my “blown away” standard.

Al Adriance
Dry Deck Ceilings